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Dear Fellow Tolkienites,

I would like to invite you to join two of our programmes: one is the usual Tolkien Mailing Competition, the other our Creative Autumn Meeting this October.

The Tolkien Mailing Competition consists of different challenges like quizzes, riddles, and creative tasks, sent via e-mail to every participant. The international Quendi category is in English and open to any individual participant (but recommended to those over 15) from all over the world. The application deadline is 12 October, 2019.
Please find all the information about the Competition and the application form on our website:
You can also join the Facebook event of the competition:

The Creative Autumn Meeting takes place in Hungary on 31 October to 3 November, 2019. It is a perfect opportunity to meet our community and engage in different activities together. The daytime programme consists of lectures and workshops about various subjects (Tolkienite or creative or anything the participants know about and want to share), but you can also expect games, parties and a HalloweENT Ball. The main language of the programme is Hungarian, but we will try to make translation available wherever possible. The meeting is usually attended by about a hundred people, mostly members of our community but also a few newcomers—including foreign guests, as traditionally this is our most international event.
You can find more information on our website:
And of course there is a Facebook event as well:

If you have any questions about these programmes, please feel free to ask — we are happy to answer them.
About the Tolkien Mailing Competition you can contact the organisers at
About the Creative Autumn Meeting you can ask me at

Best wishes,
Dániel Kálmán (Ben)
on the behalf of the TLV organizers
Hungarian Tolkien Society

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