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Nějaké další informace k táboru maďarských tolkienistů. :-)

„CAAM 2011, Zebegény

2011. October 29 – November 1

The Hungarian Tolkien Society holds its Creative Autumnal Art Meeting this year again. The location,
as usual, is going to be the Grammar School of Zebegény.

You can join to different kinds of orders, the list is as follows:


Besides these orders, there are going to be different workshops, for which we are still recruiting

The participants are going to be accommodated in the classrooms, so please bring along some
sleeping bags and mattress.

Though there are not going to be any teams, if you’d like to take up an identity, you can come as a
Noldor, Nandor or Sindar – please bring along some clothes in suitable color to your identity.

Noldor (tribe of Fingolfin): blue
Noldor (tribe of Feanor): red
Sindar: grey
Nandor: green

You’ll have the opportunity to dye your own t-shirt; please bring an „identity-colored shirt“ with you,
if you’d like.

List of prices:

3 nights: 6900
2 nights: 5900
1 night: 5100

The price includes breakfast and dinner for two days. Bring your own cutlery, for we only have
limited quantity of those.

Bring along some warm clothes and raincoat.

Deadline for registration: October 23.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Ági (silentsporulation@gmail.com).

With warm greetings,

the organizers.“

This event will be fun! :-)

Thank you very much,
Have a nice day,

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